Hot Breakfast Hype…. or Roll It Up

Modern diets are full of soul destroying ‘options’. It isn’t a diet unless it’s causing stomach quakes, removing the things you love and reducing  your enjoyment of eating. The guilt that attaches itself to the desire for ordinary, wonderful, taste takes away anything left of the joy for food that you might have had. There is no option.

What seems to me is that you have one of two real options. Either eat no more at every sitting than you need to make your belly full; or if (like me) you suffer from the greedy hand-to-mouth action that makes it impossible to stop, sort your food into food groups and eat them accordingly:

1. Carbohydrates: potatoes, corn, pasta, bread (wholegrain or white) eat in the morning and at the latest, lunch. Lose them at night and you’re laughing – bulk out meals with fresh veg, steamed veg and salads of every kind. Variety is what counts and there’s only so much room in your belly…

2. Protein: eggs, meat, yoghurt, fish, cheese, beans, millet, quinoa…. all good for you in every meal and you don’t need as much as you think.

3. Fats: Good ones: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Rapeseed, butter. NEVER margarine. Anything that is grey at any time in its production, doesn’t get a place in my stomach.

The RULE: A little of what you fancy does you good. Everything in moderation and nothing in overload.

Breakfast is my favourite meal. A perfect poached egg on a blackened step of toast at its simplest; cold, left-over curry or egg-fried rice at its most ‘use it up’ or a classic full English for indulgence’s sake, the only thing that gets me out of bed in the morning is the thought of that with which I can fill my growling belly.

These days I suffer with the compulsory porridge. Himself has a horrible bowel condition which necessitates the eating of porridge every day and I cannot expect him to do that if I don’t do the same. But this morning he wasn’t home, being 130miles north at a farm machinery sale…

So this morning the breakfast was light, yet filling. The kind to keep me going till lunch time. That is to say, the kind to prevent me moaning with hunger by 10.30am.

Put the oven on high, take a soft corn tortilla (or a flour one) and lie it on a piece of foil. Cover it and wrap it with the foil and seal the sides. Place in the oven.

Take one ‘single egg’ sized frying pan and heat a glug of Extra Virgin Olive Oil until it is no longer viscous, but runny and smooth.

Toss in some finely chopped onion, wizened green pepper, a weeny bit of fresh chilli, a few slices of salami (my biggest sin, bearing in mind its dodgy animal welfare likelihood) and whizz round the pan until softened.

Beat a single egg loosely and add to the mixture. Throw in a little sea salt and a lot of black pepper.

Cover the pan with the egg and add some thin slices of cheese – mine was light blue brie. Cook until the egg sets and the cheese melts. You might have to find a pan lid to put over the top to steam the upside of the omelette.

Whip out the tortilla and lay the omelette on top. (The idea is that they are both about the same circumference).

Then roll. And devour.

You can add a spicy sauce or ketchup to the tortilla before the omelette if liked – not everyone is Condiment Queen.