Baked Trout for the Afeared a’ Fish

Magpie committed the cardinal sin of being disorganised this morning. It went like this: **Shall I get some fish out for dinner tonight, since Himself will not be gracing the table? No, it’ll defrost quick enough when I get home. I never get home and just start cooking.**

What happened? Magpie suffered from a rubbish day, lacking in concentration and hindered by a particularly stormy mood. Time kept slipping past her wingtips. Got home. Wanted to eat early, get it out of the way and continue with her mission to make clothes.*

The sad, gutted, beheaded and de-tailed Rainbow Trout dragged out of the freezer was as solid and uninspiring as a rock. Magpie had tormented the boys at a supermarket fish counter some weeks ago and once they’d done the job on the fish she chose, she hadn’t really wanted it any more.

Beset by unexpected determination to make something fabulous from the rock, she placed it on a piece of foil, started the oven up (180 deg C) and commenced with the inspiration.

Sluiced in Berio Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, sprinkled with Maldon salt and decorated with slices of garlic and three pieces of lime, the situation looked decidedly better as she wrapped it up and stuck it on a baking tray in the now hot oven.

The paltry 100g broad beans (mentioned with scorn in the previous post) were blanched for no more than 2 minutes and some plain quinoa was boiled up in a pan.

With the fishy starting to lend a meaty atmosphere to the kitchen, Magpie melted some butter in a small frying pan, added finely chopped lime zest and some juice to the fat and chopped a handful of parsley into the mix. No more than five main flavours in a dish should be the rule, not that Magpie sticks to that often.

The result didn’t lend itself to the best presentation, but the fish allowed itself to be easily filleted. Not that it had a choice. It would have been a healthy meal, had the butter not proved to go so well with each main component.

Taste heaven.

*A subsequently aborted mission since the day was obviously One of Those Days


2 thoughts on “Baked Trout for the Afeared a’ Fish

  1. YUM!
    Last night we had fish as well. It is Copper River Salmon season, but this early one can only get hold of whole fish, which are 3-5 pounds each. I had the fishmonger fillet it ahead of time so that I could easily cut it into portions. We cooked it on the grill with smoke chips and a rub made from brown sugar, paprika, granulated garlic, salt , pepper and a few other spice that I can’t recall off the top of my head. I didn’t do much with the sides – just a green salad and couscous, but it was lovely.

  2. I love the idea of the smoke chips – still haven’t tried it, despite you explaining how I could do it back when you were smoking a brisket! Rubs I don’t tend to go for because (pathetically) I have this inbuilt hatred of ‘sticky’. Love the flavours, HATE STICKY! Silly, isn’t it?! I will have a go at this, I promise!
    The thing about fish done nicely and well is that sides become so unimportant. They are just there to create difference, nothing more. Couscous rocks. It is understated, misunderstood and totally wonderful.
    Try it also with mango and chilli salsa. Particularly flavourful (but not to be eaten outside of the kitchen. Managed to drop it in the office one day and believe me, it has the properties of water when dropped! Gets everywhere, in every nook and cranny and with no hope of clearing the debris without a hoover).

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