Soul Therapy

The happiest medium is cooking. Not in a rush, no stress and jostle from other people’s needs and opinions; just you and the food and the process. There is Zen in the act of creating food.

In doing the many processes that go with cooking, your mind has most of its subconcious babble parts occupied in making the food happen. It isn’t sifting through the day’s events or trying to work something out.

The differences between ready prepared and made-from-scratch food aren’t just nutritional. In just ‘shoving it in the oven’, or ‘sticking it in the microwave’, that simple opportunity to achieve a gentle Zen is lost.

Magpie takes the view that the more the mind has to focus on, the more recharged she’ll be.

Tonight’s effort was gargantuan but relaxed. Homemade hummus and spicy chicken wrapped in a warm flour tortilla.

2 thoughts on “Soul Therapy

  1. One of the women I live with is an AmAzInG cook and she, too, finds it very relaxing, therapeutic, and almost healing. I, personally, have never Had to cook, so I never did, and as a result, I don’t want to start now. However, I do love to bake. Does that count? 🙂

    1. Of course it does IMHO. I am an escapist; I escape into process. Baking is a process, writing is a process, and all the while your mind can be somewhere else. I agree it heals me. I like to wind down at the end of a day by cooking something wonderful. (Not, it has to be said, at the speed that everyone else seems to want it. 🙂 )

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