And this week’s Kitchen Hero is….

… the Phillips stick blender for turning my weekly buy of ground coffee (which has just gone up from £2.00 to a whopping £3+ in the Co-op) into less than half the price. Yes, coffee beans DO blend! The longer you keep blending, the finer the ‘grind’. £1.32 for the same quantity.

As the recession gets deeper, we keep being told that it is the worst ever; the worst since the 1930s; the worst since records began. Not consistent, then. What IS consistent, is that basic ingredients are going up. The three for two deals (not helpful when you live on your own or in a couple) are looking more and more lucrative, but they’re never for ingredients; only for ‘made’ goods. Bottled pasta sauce is great in an emergency, but the simplicity and the spiritual gain in making your own is the point of this blog.

The more resourceful we can be, the better.

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