We’ve got geeses! Part 2

The first and the last feeds of the day with cabbage and cauliflower leaves can only be described as a frenzy. See the video for evidence.

Looking after these birds has so far been peaceful and fulfilling. They’re on here not because they’re necessarily bound for the Christmas Dinner (their fates are as yet uncertain), but because like in cooking your own food, there can be a simple joy in looking after animals that need you to be there to feed and shelter them. If you will only let it.

3 thoughts on “We’ve got geeses! Part 2

    1. They’re guard geese, Tash. Fully grown, they can seem quite scary (not sure if they really are or if they are just a bit overwhelmingly curious when 20 of them are bearing down on you to see what you’re doing). Charlie doesn’t do dogs, so geese are the next best option 🙂

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