Granola other than for breakfast or The Hedonist’s Granola

The special thing about granola is that it tastes so good. Made yourself from oats, butter, honey and fruit, it really is good for you. It’s still high in calories, sugar and fat, but because they are from natural ingredients that taste amazing, they are more satisfying and there is a sensible quantity of nuts to help to sustain you longer with protein.

Stewed fruit (peaches and nectarines here) topped with low fat yoghurt (or even creme fraiche) and a handful of granola.

In handfuls, gobbled up in seconds (still warm).

In a bag, cooled, take it to work, devour it to the livid envy of everyone in the office. (Make sure you let them taste a tiny handful, so they can really appreciate what they are missing.

Ice cream topping.

Fruit crumble topping.

Pancakes with granola mixed into the batter.

Fresh fruit salad with cream and granola topping.

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