Autotherapist vs Soulsubsistence

Okay, so I love writing and I love food. Here lies the point of soulsubsistence (that and my hedonistic puritan tendencies). And I kept on writing about food until there was an upset at work. Such an upset that I lost my job overnight. This led to an overnight loss in interest in food which lasted the two weeks it took me to get another job (happily under the same people as before). This is not surprising. What was, was that my life changed more significantly than I had expected.

Then a publisher ( offered to publish my novel, Autotherapy.

What came from all of this was a new pressure to have a ‘proper’ blog with some relevance to the book (Autotherapy, so self-healing), exhaustion from the day job and no time to myself. None of which was conducive to writing about food.

STOP PRESS: the new blog is a disaster because I’m not interested in day-to-day pontifications about self-healing, however much I think about it and apply it to my day and night, and therefore writing about it doesn’t work for me. Up-your-arse-twaddle about something you know little about doesn’t wear well on me and whilst I’m not a quitter, I know when to quit.

Then today I read an article from Recipe Rifle, a blog about food and life which (despite the fuck words) gives me a sharp crosswind of air and this particular one reminded me of my problem. Esther writes without impunity, without pontification and damnit, without worrying whether or not she’s getting it right.

So now I know what to do.

Soulsubsistence may not have obvious links to Autotherapy (such as title, subject or characters) but it is connected. Autotherapy is (at a long shot) about the healing process. Its characters mainly get to heal themselves or die. And death performs a function of healing of a sort. I get my daily healing from the process of cooking, be it ordinary or puritan or hedonist and there I rest my case. If I can’t make it work this way, then I don’t know why I want to write at all.

Try the other blog and see what you think (I’m right, whatever you think of it).

In the meantime, note that I am alone tonight, with the opportunity to eat something which doesn’t involve the death of an innocent creature. Lentils and rice. Detoxifying hedonistic puritanism at its best. See here for the recipe.

6 thoughts on “Autotherapist vs Soulsubsistence

  1. Your book and your blog (either one) will always be connected because they come from your heart. If it’s food you want to write about than so be it. But at the very least I would still like to hear about the geese from time to time. I find that aspect of your life very interesting. You don’t need a fancy blog site, only fancy followers : )

    1. the geese feature so much, Tammy, they will be back, fear not! We are going to hatch our own goslings this year! A new batch (hatch?) to listen to songs like “Hickory dickory dock, the goose ran up the clock” and “little geeses, you’re so funny, and you’re gorgeous and you’re silly, little geeses, you’re so fluffy and you’re cute.” etc. 😀 They like to listen to songs until they’re about 3 months old and after that they only shut up when you make squeaky noises with your lips pursed.
      Thanks for your advice, it’s nice to have fancy followers, that’s for sure!

  2. I enjoyed your old blog, but I love this one. This feels like you, writing from the heart and I almost feel that I know you through reading it. Forced writing never feels good. Been there, tried that. I am subscribing – and not just for the recipes LOL
    Also, your blog doesn’t have to be directly related to your book. People also want to know what you, as a person, is like. Love it and will be back:))

  3. Gutsy post, I like it. I read your Soulsubsistance blog as being about self-care – holistic and preventative. Self-healing fits right in there.

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