Lentils and Rice

This is not so much a recipe as a suggestion. If you know how to cook lentils and you know how to cook rice, it’s no further along the bounds of creativity than that (save the throwing in of whichever curry powder you like best).

However. Here you go.

Cook rice. Best Basmati is the obvious choice. Put the dry rice into a saucepan and cover with water until there is as much water as will reach the first crease of your little finger if you lightly touch the top of the rice with the tip. Salt and bring to the boil; reduce the heat and simmer until there is no water left. CHECK IT. There’s little as annoying as puddingy rice.

Dice an onion finely, and saute in a fair bit of oil for as many minutes as it takes to make the onion translucent and yellowy.

Grate a few cloves of garlic into the onions, add a couple of scoops of curry powder, stir madly for about 30 seconds. Add dry lentils and cover with stock or salted water.  Less is more with lentils (bit like pasta).

This was a staple of my childhood and I love it.

No pictures – the camera has taken permanent residence in the depths of Himself’s van – but if it’s tasty and it’s curry-y, then you’ve got it right.

Sultanas add sweetness; tomato puree adds depth and the benefits of using stock (even a bouillon cube) cannot be underestimated (though watch the salt content).

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