SoulTip Ramble

When reviving leftover pasta-with-sauce, pasta bake, mac cheese, just add fluid, cover and reheat in the oven on 180 C.

Translation: If it was a tomato-based sauce, add about 2 tablespoons of either water or stock (even a stock cube has its value). If it was a meaty sauce or bake, the same. If it was a cheese or cream sauce base, add the same of milk.  If it was a bake, the fluid just it the bottom will be enough. If it was a loose pasta and sauce effort, you can sluice the water through it all.

If it was….. If it was….. The above looks like one of the ridiculous telephone menus you get when you ring a big company. ‘In order to be able to deal with your query more efficiently, we are now going to drive you round the bend by attempting to guess why you rang.’

Why don’t they open it up to the people who rang so that they could discuss something subtle or unlikely, like cutting off and rerouting your aunt-who-lived-next-door’s internet access, following her death? “To speak to a human being, press 1.” (or more likely: “Press the combination of keys: 28372.”)

I suspect the answer is that they are not being helpful to the customer, although they are dressing it up with that. They are helping themselves, getting their clients to categorise their own queries so that the company doesn’t have to waste time and cash transferring the clients to the ‘correct department’ or training their call centre staff in every area of the job.

That justifies the little italicised list of guesswork above. I’m not trying to second guess the reader, just add a bit of explanation to the simple rule, in case it wasn’t obvious. Just help.