Simple and Familiar

Fractured effort, blocked energies and dead ends. That was today, culminating in a three hour waste of time when I went to a meeting, realised it didn’t seem to be on, went home to work, found that my remote access code didn’t work (so no email or folder access) and that the meeting had been on and I’d missed it by one minute.

And what do Magpies do when they have a day like that?

This one eats simple, familiar food and meditates on having a better day tomorrow. Healing from a rubbish day takes self-time and space, even if it’s just a few minutes snatched away from the madding crowd.

Not ready to eat a full meal yet? Try cream cheese and onion dip (with carrot sticks of course) and mint tea.

Cream Cheese and Onion (or chilli, or onion and garlic, or spice) Dip

1 scoop of cream cheese (Philadelphia if that’s what you have; Ricotta for the posh).
Not very much milk (preferably the finest white stuff jugged out of the tank on a farm just yesterday)
A little piece of onion FINELY chopped. And I mean finely. Got it?)
(Clearly substitute whatever alternative extra you’d prefer in place of the onion).

Using a teaspoon, scop the milk into the cheese a few scant millilitres at a time. Mix well with the spoon each time, watching the consistency. Mouthfeel is so important. Too wet and you end up with slick milk; too dry and you stay with a paste instead of a dip.
When it’s perfect, add the onion and mix to your heart’s content.

Consume. And remember, every day is what you make of it.

And the meditation? I’m running a long, bubbly bath where I intend to cut cords of connection between me and my negativity, clean out my chakras and reset the energies around my car (which has been worrying me lately. It’s amazing the difference fully inflated tyres can do for driving).

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