Leftover Breakfast

I wish you could see my breakfast right now. It’s so pretty. Alas, the camera is on its way to a machine sale at Lanark in the front of the van right now, so my powers of description should be put to the test (as well as the powers of typing with one hand as breakfast is too good to allow to become congealed).

So, from the bottom up:

Suspiciously unstale plastic ‘wholemeal’ bread, toasted and spread with homemade garlic butter, which was left over from the other night. (Hooray for the stick blender!)
Ripped round lettuce leaves for the base (the only item that isn’t left over).
Two thick slices of halloumi, dry fried till rubbery and nutty, topped with a perfect poached egg and a lightly fried, sliced, gutted, half tomato that I didn’t fancy facing in a lunchtime cachumba. Beetroot puree with lime a la Nigella (her book, Kitchen) on the side.

Can you see the colours? Brown and green with pale yellow and white, sunshine yolk and soft red, finished with magenta.

Nothing wasted. Halloumi and beetroot because Himself fancied me rustling up a starter one night; garlic butter because it is fabulous (if you buy a garlic baguette, how can you have left over butter?); one of the remaining eggs in the two trays Himself picked up for £3 on Christmas Eve and the tomato.

Hedonist puritanism at its best. Nothing wasted, but destined instead to become a soul-feeding joy; a reward for being dragged out of bed at 5.35am on a school day.

4 thoughts on “Leftover Breakfast

  1. That sounds like a great breakfast. I had to google some of the words (nothing new for me) like halloumi but you painted a picture vivid enough for me to be able to see and even smell what you were creating. What’s for supper? : )

    1. Hey Tammy, halloumi is ACE! Best to slice it thickly and lie in a small frying pan, no oil or ‘owt, and when it’s browned on both sides and a bit puttyish (pour off the whey as it cooks), lie at least 3 slices on a bed of lettuce and salady bits (onion essential) and gollop down, with dollops of beetroot, lime and olive oil puree across it. It is a Nigella Lawson steal but a beauty.
      Tea is being put aside in favour of cleaning the house, but I had cold curry for lunch! Sounds worse than it was 😀

    1. A whole roast chicken, torn apart and mixed with pasta, peppers and onion? (and garlic?) Actually I think that’s another Nigella from years ago, but it would be my last supper if I had to.
      Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. Eggs every way you can imagine. 🙂 Not averse to cold curry for breakfast either, but as you can see from my reply to Tammy, I already had plans for that!
      I struggle to write in my home. In the kitchen I have to write between bouts of eating and in the living room I often fail to stay awake in front of the fire (open)… Greed and laziness in both rooms 😀

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