Chasing Waterfalls

My spiritual guru is a 6 foot blonde with an addiction to sugar. Her words, not mine. She told me off last night (in a nice way, but still…). I am overdoing the negativity I think, need to settle down and prevent the negative energies that infiltrate me from doing so. She says I should take some exercise (BLEUGH! but she is right) to release endorphins (endolphins “eeek eeeek eeeeeeek”) and do more ‘waterfalls’.

What are waterfalls?

Waterfalls are where you open all your chakras (well I do, but I gather it’s an unnecessary step, but I do it to tell my senses that I’m in a different place now), surround yourself in protective violet flame and ask Archangel Michael to cut the cords of connection. Then imagine a waterfall of silver, or gold, or just plain, beautiful water,  pouring over your head and through your body. Note the areas where the fall avoids, and work to connect the energies there.

Ask the Archangel Raphael to fill you up with peaceful, healing green light and then close all your chakras back down (this bit is TOTALLY essential, to protect from dodgy energies that might want to come for you).

Sounds mad? Probably is, but it feels amazing. Leaves you with a sense of calm and peaceful joy, which is something we could all do with.


2 thoughts on “Chasing Waterfalls

  1. I’ve never heard of waterfalls but they sound wonderful! Should you be in a certain yoga type position when experiencing one or can you be anywhere?

  2. Seriously, anywhere, as long as you’re relaxed, although sitting up straight(ish) is best because your chakras are better connected and the energy can flow without hindrance. Enjoy! 🙂

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