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I’ve been on the search tonight for blogs that interest me. I haven’t gone far to look, just a flurry of lazy clicking on WordPress’s Freshly Pressed. And so far I’m not impressed. It isn’t that the subjects aren’t interesting and it isn’t always the quality of the writing itself (as much as I can tell). It’s just that for me there has to be a distinctive point of view and so many blogs seem to just describe without opining. Maybe I just keep picking those ones.

I always read at least two posts before I relegate them to the bin. I never believed that you could find something on the telly by flicking, so I’m not going to suddenly believe that works with blogs.

Here are a couple that do get me. I don’t know if the subjects are interesting in themselves, but because the writer’s take is clear, I want to read.

Tammy lives in Iowa and is an internet content writer by day and SuperMum by night. She’s also a fellow author at Rainstorm Press but that isn’t why I’m plugging her. Everything about her writing is honest in an open sense and what’s more, she writes every day, which gives you something to look forward to.

Listful Thinking
I liked the voice of the writer again, where she bewails in matter-of-fact tones the perils of awkwardness. She tries too hard sometimes, but I like that, because it strikes me and makes me read carefully instead of skimming over the words.

I’m glad there are a lot of sites out there that don’t take my fancy. People should do / say / write / things that are meaningful for them. Followers are the Special Edition Extras on the back of the blog and its great if you even touch one person. If everyone was the same… well you know.

3 thoughts on “Blog Spots

  1. Thank you so much dear friend. I think we’ll have to arrange a guest blog so you can teach the Animaasity crew about real food…..and geese, I love to hear about the geese!

  2. Hey Tammy, that would be fab ; ) I need to go see the geese a bit more often. The latest tale is that the beautiful gander whom we put in charge of our planned laying geese, is behaving as if he dragged them back by their feathers himself. He is doing his job very well, keeping watch over them and looking after them. That involves a lot of unwarranted hissing.

  3. I am so glad you like my blog! 🙂 One thing I have done to find blogs that are more to my liking is to go to the blogs I read regularly and check out some of their blogroll. I have found many fantastic blogs this way!

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