Stock Pot, Anti Waste Vessel

I hate waste. I just hate waste. It makes me cringe when I’m in my most energetically enironmental and fills me with guilt when I’m lazy and can’t be bothered.

Whether it’s a lonely last bite of food on a plate (or even the gravy) or the bones of a bird thrown out without boiling, I can’t. Bear. Waste.

So here we have a chicken. Yesterday it did us roasted with potatoes, carrots and a whole onion, all in the same tin; today it was chicken and leek pie, with brocolli and peas and now its dull carcase is stuffed in my stock pot, boiling with a large onion cut in half (no need to remove the skin), 4 bay leaves, a handful of fennel seeds, a carrot and a celery stalk. It’s not pretty but tomorrow I can either make some kind of winter veg soup or even risotto.


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2 Responses to Stock Pot, Anti Waste Vessel

  1. Tammy Maas says:

    Homemade soup sounds yummy. I would throw in some Amish noodles and mushrooms. I can smell it simmering from here, across the pond!

  2. Ha ha, it turned into a totally yummy butternut and smoked bacon rissotto for me and my friend. What are Amish noodles made out of, Tammy?

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