An Unfamiliar Murder

Seriously, this writer is wise, intense and doubtless a good read. Jane Isaac’s book, An Unfamiliar Murder is totally available on and as well as hopefully in a bookshop near you. It’s going to be the next book I read. Well done, Jane!


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Greedy, creative, gregarious bird, writing from the bonny northern hills of Cumbria's Eden. There's a lot of soul in this place and the inspiration to create is everywhere, even on the bleakest days. Soulfood. Don't just subsist.
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3 Responses to An Unfamiliar Murder

  1. Jane Isaac says:

    Hey Sakina! So kind of you to devote a precious blog post to my book. Hope you enjoy. I’m eagerly awaiting yours too:)

  2. julie prickett says:

    just ordered your book Jane – absolutely cant wait to read it :o)

  3. Tammy Maas says:

    Well said Sakina, I can’t wait to sit down with this book!

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