Autotherapy Update

Well… I just heard from my publisher (“My Publisher” *SCREAM*) and he tells me my editor is almost ready to send me my manuscript. No doubt concealed under a thick layer of red ‘pen’.

With trepidation I await their suggestions and pray that they don’t ask me to kill off the dog. I couldn’t bring myself to do that, in case I jinxed the real dog who is aging but still clinging to life in a determined, if stiff, manner.

BRING IT ON! I’m ready for it!!!

3 thoughts on “Autotherapy Update

  1. I didn’t enjoy the editing process but I learned so much, it was a valuable experience. Seeing the “red” had me seeing “red” at first but once I understood the errors of my ways it started to click. When is your release date?

  2. Sometime in May, Tammy. To be honest, I love the editing process, much more than the writing bit! I think it is that the process becomes structured. I love structure. Otherwise I just do a lot of milling about. I am going to preorder your book this week.

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