Hell Doth Freeze

Hell froze over today. That was the impression the weather gave. When I entered the world this morning, I’d already received 4 phonecalls from worried people telling me how bad the roads were.

The closest anyone got to describing it was Janey, who said she couldn’t describe it.

A thin layer of ice covered the ground outside; the car had drowned under it, locked in a transparent, solid film. Even the leaves of the plants were iced over perfectly. You could break off the ice leaf and hold it in your hand. Cold rain hitting freezing ground. Ice sheet.

So today featured driving down the M6 at 5-20mph for 20 miles, marvelling at the marks on the road where other cars had already slithered, skating the car into a parking space in someone else’s car park, eating cake, and Fish Pie for dinner. Oh yeah, I did some work too.


4 thoughts on “Hell Doth Freeze

  1. I think I’d rather slide down an icy road than to eat fish pie – it sounds awful : ) I’m sure you can make anything taste good because you have that talent but I’ll stick to putting apples in my pies! I’m glad you have so many people looking out for you when the roads are bad. Our weather here in the states is similar but I hear you guys are having a really bad winter this year. Be careful and stay warm.

    1. ARGH! Tammy! You must never have had fish pie before! GUTTED for you! It’s the ultimate no-bones comfort food, wunderbar with balls on! First of all, mash a load of potato, making it as pliable and tasty as possible by adding copious amounts of butter and a bit of milk to loosen it. Then make a white sauce (preferably with butter, although olive oil will also do it) with added fish stock bouillon cube and then add your fish (which from habit I poach first). It can be white fish, a mix of white and smoked (haddock is a favourite) or, as in the case of this one, salmon. Sauted onions is a must for me, but isn’t everyone’s. NO GARLIC. Take a casserole dish and fill it two-thirds of fish sauce and top with the mashed potato. Any Italian worth his salt would throw his hands up in horror, but cheese should be grated on top and BOB’S YOUR UNCLE!!! Honestly, you’ll love it, it’s great.

  2. Hey Sakina – we have a countryside blanketed in snow instead of the ice. You must have the worst of the temperatures at the moment. Today the sun shone and the snow capped trees looked like a winter wonderland. Am relieved not to be driving in it tomorrow though – might get the sledge out again. Keep warm, Honey:))

    1. Hey Jane, your book was paid for in my statement today and how disappointed was I to find it wasn’t behind my front door tonight?! I deliberately haven’t started reading anything because I’m waiting for it to come 😀 You live somewhere down Sahf, don’t you! Come to Cumbria and experience Weather…. the southern counties always sound so idyllic compared to our stupid, evil weather. I don’t remember ever having experienced weather like it. Today was a lovely, soft day, a bit of snow in Kendal and most of the time dry.The streets aren’t even brown yak because there hasn’t been enough snow. Strange, huh. Oh, and the moon (full) was the most amazing deep orange as it was coming up on Weds night. Very special. As it rose, it wasn’t a silver light, but a yellow glow. Very mystical and somehow portentous.

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