Soul Salmon

Why is it, whenever I eat smoked or marinated salmon with smooth, cream cheese on a suitable vehicle of hedonism (Rivita, german rye bread, crust of fresh, steaming bread), by the time I remember to brag about it and show it off, there is nothing to show. Well, nothing but a few crumbs and a couple of sesame seeds (Rivita) tonight.

Totally recommended: Aldi’s Almare Pesto Marinated Salmon, a great product (well yeah, if it wasn’t farmed and foreign). Tastes great. A little bit of luxury for lunch, stopping me from stuffing on carb-based salad, last night’s leftovers or slices of cheese.

2 thoughts on “Soul Salmon

  1. ha ha, you’re just trying to make me upset! I love crab sticks, they’re one of my failings, but I’m really particular about the ones I like. I presume fish sticks are like them? Made with surimi? They have to have plenty of mayo (though not too much) and are specially evil with added hot sweet chilli dip a la chinese 🙂

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