Lambing Time

It’s lambing time. I love and hate it. It’s filled with little damp noses and sharp nibbly teeth. Slimy hope and tragedy slipping between your fingers. The smell of slightly fermented haylage, animal poo and malty, molasses flavoured sheep cake. Baaing and blearting and occasional knocking against the side of the shed.

We had a small tragedy last night. Hopefully it isn’t going to be a double. The sheep is still alive, so far. She’s been given the sweetest little baby baalamb ever made; a bit of incentive to live. Cross fingers for her that it gets a bit cooler, weatherwise.

2 thoughts on “Lambing Time

  1. Sakina had a little lamb, how sweet that you get to take part in this. Are these animals raised for food or wool? Do you get attached to them, like pets? Post some pictures when you have a chance, I would love to see a new born lamb. And I hope everyone is doing okay today and that your weather is cooler.

    1. Hey Tammy, these animals are reared in the great cycle of life and death that is Farming, for the sake of feeding (and to a much lesser extent, clothing) the human race. The lucky lambs are most likely to be female and a very few, male with pure breeding. They are all very sweet and innocent and fun to watch as they play. And they are all lucky because they haven’t been born into an intensive farm. I’ve asked Himself today where the camera is. In the van. And sadly the weather has cooled (though still lovely sunshine) and we are apparently getting snow this week …

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