Fresh Out

Waiting … Waiting … The Kindle version of Autotherapy is out already and it is only a matter of weeks before the paperback will be available but I’m in danger of already having saturated the media with my cries of ‘buy me, buy me’. I know there are subtler, longer term ways of infiltrating the public, but I’m making the most of the time that I have. Which isn’t a lot.

I’m crawling over the internet like a spider spinning a web, registering with everything and posting my website in appropriate places.  Basically hoping that getting out the word to the most people possible will be the best thing for the book sales. Add in there the parameter that they need to be people who already read (so more likely to read your book), and you’ve got handy sites like and Amazon but what about all those potential converts out there? Why did I write a book that was supposed to be easy to read? How many people stick their heads in a book when they’ve got some free time? Who has free time?

*And breathe*

So, new resolution: don’t panic. I can use the promotion of the book to explore social media properly, in a non-timewasting way. I need to experientially learn how to utilise Twitter as it’s most likely to be the most far-reaching word of mouth-stylee communication. Get on.

In between these minor revelations, lambing time continues, particularly featuring four little pet lambs (now named Bunny Ears, Freckle Face, Baa Lamb and Fuzzy – Himself thinks I’m soft as butter) and two large ones (Big White Lamb and Smoky).Himself is, of course, the real farmer; I’m just the helper, to feed the lambs, take ‘creep’ feed to the hospital field (Number 5 and her twins, and the two big pets) and cook the dinner.

The geese have now laid around 60 eggs since February, and still doing so. We’ve got half in an incubator in Newbiggin and half in one in my dad’s garage, (with my mum turning them) and the last few are under a determined, very bad tempered goose in a trailer.

Life goes on, so we may as well enjoy it.

(Pictures to follow, promise).


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  1. Hi Sakina! Once again huge Congrats:) Soon the media will be screaming out to you – we want YOU! Lovely to hear about the lambs and geese.

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