… and then there was one.

Missing, presumed dead.

Two goslings, completely vanished. No sign of a struggle or a fight with mother goose … nothing.

One dejected goose giving me a single, half-hearted hiss and then giving up. No longer glaring at me, just fixing me with a sad, angry-in-a-hurt-way eye and a few yellow feathers firmly visible under her wing.

Himself fitted chickenwire to the one gap in the trailer; the space between the top of the door and the roof at the rear. He said nothing could climb the trailer, but we figured it was probably a bird. There are plenty of crows about. Even if it wasn’t a rook, we get carrion crows who are prepared to create carrion if necessary and I know they go in the buildings.  I’ve caught a crow coming out of the lamb shed before now, stealing creep feed. Farmers have horror stories about crows and newborn lambs and I wouldn’t put it past them at all.

I worried that the goose would starve her remaining gosling to death with overprotectiveness, but at about 9pm, I heard her talking to it as it twittered and in the half-light we could see it having a drink and eating chick crumb as she hissed like mad at us.

There is still hope, but it’s still a shame.


3 thoughts on “… and then there was one.

  1. That’s so sad, I’m sorry that happened. Nature can be such a cruel force. Those geese are lucky to have you because you care about them. Many in that line of work wouldn’t blink an eye or consider talking about it. RIP little fuzzy goslings and let it be known that Sakina loved you enough to share pictues of you with the world.

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