Turf Wars

These pictures are the result of an afternoon spent with Jane, digging up my dandelion-infested lawn and replacing it with turf. That sentence implies that the whole thing was a good idea, went swimmingly and wasn’t at all cold and slightly hysterical towards the end.

Lessons learned from today:

1. Giving up isn’t an option just because it’s starting to rain and you’re still miles from the end. Only pussies give up. And sometimes you get so far in that you can neither go back nor give up and you HAVE to finish the job. Tough.

2. Gardening is hard work, even when you’re sharing the load. No pain, no gain. Pain … sometimes STILL no gain!

3. Worms are our friends.

I honestly loved my garden the way it was, Ilikethe overgrown energy of it, but no one else would accept that a lawn should have that many other weeds in it (especially, I suspect, a landlord’s agent on House Inspection) and I couldn’t see the point of strimming hundreds of dandelions when they’re only going to grow back in a greater number.

Tough love.