Bossy and Co.

Well, the gozzers are still alive, though they’ve got no brothers and sisters to keep them company. Mum’s efforts have paid off, although the tank Himself insisted she put the chicks into is as tall as she, so she has to climb into it to change their water. “My hip doesn’t want to do it.” Poor mum, Sakina has goslings, so Mum has to look after them. This goes right back to being 5 and having the class stick insects home for the weekend. Guess who had to clean them out?

Egg hatching time is just about done, though I’ve just put the two most recent eggs (with two that are probably infertile by now) in the geeses’ trailer in the hope that goosey might sit on them one more time. Geese stop shagging around June time. Or at least, they stop laying eggs, so we’re just about at the end.

Bossy gosling is very gobby. It has something to say about absolutely everything and if you talk to it, it talks back. This is a good sign. The second hatchling has improved, though its legs still seem weak. I feel sad for them that they don’t have a great big gang, but maybe when they’re older they’ll be able to join the crew. After all, everyone said that we couldn’t put two gaggles together but we did and they get on fine. Well they do now, anyway.

Fingers still crossed. It was snowing in parts of Cumbria today and it froze last night. It’s a big world out there anyway, never mind when you’re just a couple of inches tall.