Autotherapy Paperback now available on Amazon UK!

Take a minute to check out my beautiful, glossy paperback, available right now on Amazon UK! Sorry the image is so huge … I just LOVE IT!


About Sakina Murdock

Greedy, creative, gregarious bird, writing from the bonny northern hills of Cumbria's Eden. There's a lot of soul in this place and the inspiration to create is everywhere, even on the bleakest days. Soulfood. Don't just subsist.
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9 Responses to Autotherapy Paperback now available on Amazon UK!

  1. Steve says:

    Are you doing a book signing?

    • You better believe it, I will be organising a launch weekend as soon as I get my shipped books from my publisher. Most likely at the King’s Head, Ravenstonedale, and somewhere else more openly public, like a shopping centre. You’re welcome to come and I will send you an invite when I know more.

  2. Jane Isaac says:

    Just ordered mine! Yay – can’t wait to read it:))

  3. paleosusan says:

    Hooray! I loved it!

  4. I want to read it so badly, but I am currently seeking employment and until something comes through, I am beyond broke…to the tune of–I haven’t paid my Amazon bill for two months now. =/ I will get a copy as soon as I can. By the way, any chance I might find a copy at the library? Of course, I am in the U.S., so it may be a while, yes?

    • That’s a great idea! I had thought about lobbying my local library, but I didn’t think of American libraries, and come to think of it, more libraries across the UK. Good idea. Bear with me while I look into it.

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