Spotz and Geeses

This blog has turned into a mis-mash, without a real focus. We’ve gone from food to book, to geese to lambs and I’m not sure it’s making sense any more. Perhaps I’m looking for some balance in my life; as above, so below. Where I get balance in other areas, perhaps the blog will re-find it’s direction. For now I’m wandering in whichever takes my fancy and today it is lambs and geese!

Spotty Lamb. The littlest suffolk, needy, all over you and has tumbled head first out of the trailer a couple of times. An ‘up and down’ lamb, not sure why. It’s feeling a bit better today – we took it off milk yesterday (it’s older than it looks) because it wasn’t agreeing with it and it’s getting used to the idea of eating creep feed and grass when it gets hungry. I should add sulkily.

The geeses still think they should have their trailer back. They like to stand around the ramp of their old trailer, intimidating the lambs.

2 thoughts on “Spotz and Geeses

  1. I am getting ready to take my goats off milk soon! They are eating grass and hay and goat food, but they keep looking in my windows and ‘maahhiiinng’ when they see me because they think I will give them a bottle!
    Your geese are beautiful! And I hope your spotty lamb does well!

    1. Our lambs ‘maaahhed’ forcefully for a couple of evenings after we took them off milk, but now they just ignore us, eating grass in a studious, ignoring way when we call them. All you can see are lamb bottoms.

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