The Cauliflower Pizza Crust Epidemic.

I swear Cauliflower Crust has gone viral. The Daily Dish Recipes swears it is a kid proof, fussy eater’s cauliflower. The type they don’t realise about until they’ve eaten it.

I had to try it, but I knew I’d want to write about it, so I made mine a little different. Small, and perfectly formed.

I did the Paleosisters’ recipe for the first batch (sort of – how heavy is 1 cup of grated cheese?!? American recipes still baffle me), using Jarlberg (because it goes stringy) and chucked in some self-raising flour to boost the quantities for the second lot. The garlic was CRUCIAL to the flavour. (Missed it out of the second batch and missed it, a lot).

Tips to help yourself:

  • grease the pan. Plenty of oil. Don’t skimp.
  • eat them while they’re warm.

Gaps in the production line already. These had great flavour with the backdrop of sweet, nutty, Norwegian cheese.

Two bites and it’s gone!

I wanted to finish them off as mini pizzas – it’s part of the cauliflower’s disguise, almost, so pesto, harrisa, a slice of mozzarella, a couple of spring onions and some pieces of Polish sausage finished the deal … Topped with perfection!

The reason there are only seven cooked final babies in this photo is simple.

A self-confessed cauliflower hater entered the house with several bags of clothes shopping, ate six pizza bites in a row whilst describing her shopping trip and then apologised for eating so many at once. Then I remembered to take a photo.*

Later I was telling her about this recipe. “You’d probably better not try it out on me,” was the response. “Of all the vegetables, that’s the one I’ve never been able to stomach. (Pause) Why are you laughing? (Pause) Was that … Was that the recipe?”

So it does work.

*I am doomed to take out of focus photos of food for the rest of eternity. I’m sure of it.

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