Autotherapy Launches!

Never listen to anyone! Everyone loves a party, right?!

Autotherapy’s launch party was done proud by many of my long suffering friends, family, ex-colleagues, former bosses, and general lovely riff-raff. It was such an explosion of people, old and new. Totally blew me away.

Thank you all so much.

I got chocolates, flowers, and fabulous chutney, and the chance to graffiti my book lots of times!

Lessons Learned:
1. If you’re going to stand, learn to stand up straight and tall. Otherwise fat photos are all you’re gonna get.

2. There is NO more satisfying feeling than seeing a battered copy of your book, knowing it’s been read. Nothing comes close.

3. Can’t do witty comments on purpose.

Disasters Averted
Burst out of dress just as people were starting to arrive. Bloody strap broke. Could only happen to Sakina. Not a problem. Crippling indecision had sent me to the pub with two outfits. The ‘Diva in Hot Pink’ was my first choice anyway, it’s just a tad loud for a book launch. I stood out like a belisha beacon!
And no, I’m never usually that organised. Must have been sixth sense.

Pen ran out on the first signature, so someone kindly donated a pen. Hooray for the British Red Cross canvassers and their free pens!

Person I’m Most Afraid of
My dad. Retired copper, has read it once but refused last night to speak his mind, saying he would read it again before discussing it with me. While I was writing it, I talked over bits of the story with him , and he got me in touch with a real life CSI to ask questions about processes.

But I’m terrified I might have got bits of police process wrong or made some of the characters too annoying or not real enough for him. Reportedly he was surprised that his daughter had come up with such imaginings. ‘Appalled’ was the actual word used, but the reporter is given to bandying that word around …

I am not sitting in the pub by myself. Someone else took the picture, right?!

(Image c/o Rebecca Crossley)

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