Those Pesky Elementals

I think my house has elementals. Etheric beings with mischievous urges.

The other night I noticed I was dropping items on the kitchen floor. I realised at about 8 times. Every time I bent down, I noticed how bad the floor was, and then I would pick up the item and continue preparing food.

At about 20 times, it occurred to me that the house wanted the kitchen floor sweeping, so I did so a few minutes later. I haven’t dropped another thing since.


About Sakina Murdock

Greedy, creative, gregarious bird, writing from the bonny northern hills of Cumbria's Eden. There's a lot of soul in this place and the inspiration to create is everywhere, even on the bleakest days. Soulfood. Don't just subsist.
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One Response to Those Pesky Elementals

  1. paleosusan says:

    Nice! Very sneaky etheric beings! If only THEY could use a broom!

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