Almost Cumberland Hotpot

So, all you have to do to create this masterpiece, is:

1. Boil up a couple of handfuls of barley with celery, onion, bits of leek, carrot, whatever (just not cabbage), some salt, a bay leaf, garlic and any other flavours you fancy. Think there were some chillies in mine. Keep simmering, adding water, (keep covered) and try not to burn the barley on the bottom *sigh*. Strain when you’ve done this for a few hours.

2. Roast a breast of lamb (a very cheap, fatty cut of lamb) till nicely cooked. Strip all the meat away from the fat and bone. There isn’t much, but it’s full of flavour.

3. Saute some chopped carrot, onion, celery, and then pour in the strained stock. I put potatoes, chipped (not chips, I mean chipped off the potato) in to boost the quantities a bit.

4. Add in the meat when the veg is nearly cooked and then put the whole lot in a casserole dish. Turn on the oven to about 190 deg C.

5. Using a potato peeler, peel super thin slices from two or three tats, until you have enough to cover the dish about three times. Sluice the slices in cold water to wash away the starch, and lay them over the top. A quick glug of oil and a liberal salting and into the oven with thee!

6. At least 1 hour. There’s nothing worse than slighly uncooked potato.