Basa Not

Basa fish

This fish is marketed similarly to cod and haddock, but I’m not sure it shares their reputations.

I bought two shrinkwrapped basa fillets from the Co-op (not the best start for a meal), and proceeded to egg and breadcrumb them – even using the classic Paxo, orange breadcrumbs, so they looked pretty perfect. Breadcrumbs were seasoned with a touch of salt (definitely needed more) and a heavy shower of mixed herbs.

It was a good idea, executed reasonably well. Tasted … Well … Not that good at all. The unfortunate basa fillets tasted vaguely of fish for a millisecond, then dissolved into a flavourless mush in the mouth. Unlike the meaty cod, the basa’s flesh breaks up into tiny strands, similar to skate. It’s an unexpected mouthfeel after the crispy outer shell.
Meal was shared with some homemade potato salad.

I threw the second breadcrumbed fillet in the freezer, but tonight I took it out. It definitely needed something. Preferably salty.

Using a tiny mound of breadcrumbs (left over), I mixed a larger handful of grated cheese, a serious pinch of salt and some mixed herbs. This dry mixture easily covered the surface of the fish and baked well as the oven defrosted the fillet and crisped it up.
Meal was eaten with a heap of homemade coleslaw and some capers.

Still no flavour *sigh*. The crust was nice.