Hummus Happiness

Hummus is one of my favourite foods of all time. Chickpeas are amazing legumes and I like them in lots of dishes, but hummus is where chickpea ceases to be the vehicle for a more exciting prospect and becomes the star in its own right.

One can of cooked chickpeas. Into the food processor they go. Note: I personally prefer the texture created by the food processor, but stick blenders might suit others.

A couple of grated garlic cloves, a heaped tsp of tahini, about 1 tsp salt, a hefty squeeze of lemon juice and about 100ml sunflower oil. Olive is too overpowering and eradicates the delicate flavour of the chickpeas.

Whizz the whole lot together (I add the sunflower oil while the machine is processing). Check for salt. Add more if necessary and whizz again.

Best devoured on a soft pitta plate, with an accompaniment of olives on the side.