Olives with Garlic and Lemon

I love olives. J’aime l’olives! Cheap or expensive, all grades have their great points, and you get good and bad at every level anyway. They are an acquired taste, but for me it was worth acquiring, because whenever I eat them, I experience fantastic sensations under my temples.

I don’t know if it’s a part of my brain reacting, but it feels like that. Which suggests the sensations are narcotic in nature. Hmmm … Food for thought.

Take a mix of black and green brined olives. Cheap ones are fine in my opinion. And stoned. This is a very naive version of the fancy cocktails you find in upmarket pubs. I prefer my olives to be firm, so I used pimiento stuffed greens and those big juicy matt black ones you buy in a can.

Find the bowl you want to fill with olives but don’t. Not yet. A glass tumbler does very well and looks nice. Pour in a healthy dose of EVOO. Grate/crush at least one large garlic clove into the oil. Mix with a spoon a few times. Grate in a sensible quantity of lemon zest and mix again, crushing the two ingredients against each other in the oil. Add a pinch of oregano and a few twists of black pepper, and add the olives to the mixture.

Sluice them with the potent oil, over and over and then leave them for a bit, to steep. Leave them a few hours if you want. I sluiced them a few times for about 3 hours (testing them each time).

Eat with fabulous pitta breads and homemade hummus.