Droid Joy

I am now the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy Ace. Second hand, of course, but no less exciting. In my head, I wasn’t allowed a smartphone because I break them. Well, they break. Into pieces. After being dropped on the ground several times in succession. The touchscreens no longer react the way you expect them to. You have to hit the letter above the one that you want. And … so on. Short version: I am anathema to smartphones.

Until now. I observed with growing confidence, a star-shaped crack on the casing and the battered corners. My brother’s phone previously, it seems to have survived a few batterings and still lives, gloriously. Could it be that they have finally made a bulletproof smartphone?

I only require indestructability. And new ways to text. (Swype, anyone?!) And fancy gadgets to see how many miles I am doing on each journey and at what speed… And tetris. And the weather!

The obsessing might be over right now for the sake of this post, but the obsession remains.