Haves and Have Nots

“The world is divided up into the Haves and the Have Nots.”

Did the person* who thought up that gem consider that the have nots might not want it? Or may not know if they want it? I know, too many italics already.

The question is, how do you know if you want something if you never had it? (I need both ‘ifs’ in there.)

I Have Not got a TV. Unbelievable though the TV licensing people seem to find it, I do not have a television. I have had a TV in the past but my attitude is ambivalent. Although there are some amazing programmes, I am a lazy viewer, inclined to get locked into trash series when left to myself. Same viewing every week, you know the score. Why pay £145 a year for the privilege of smothering the time I call my life with full time entertainment? I have too much to do.

I know what it is and I choose not to have it. Sure, I miss it sometimes, but I don’t care about it.

Something else I don’t have: a high-flying job. I honestly think I’m not mature enough to keep one. My attempts to hold down a full time, well paid job, have mainly ended with the damned thing turning and attempting to strangle me. I don’t like them. They constrict me. They give me stresses and fears and worries that simply aren’t worth the money. And senior management always hate me.

Again, I can choose to Have Not. I have tried, test run and decided to pass on flying high. Instead I work part time in home care and am busy learning my trade as a writer. I am a have not in quite a few senses of the phrase, thanks to that particular little life change, but I can say it’s improved my life and given me new chances and choices. And I’m happier.

Now tell me this: here is a Have Not I know nothing about.

Why do people have children?

Answers below, please, I know most of you are parents.

* some philososopher/sociologist dude called Alinsky, apparently.


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