Maximum Opinion

One of the lessons I’ve learned about writing in recent times (the last 6 months has been a knee knackering learning curve) is that you have to have an opinion. It’s no good seeing all sides of the argument, because it damages the impact of the writing. One-sided bloody-minded bias is where it’s at.

A nightmare if you’d rather not have any conflict in your life.

I certainly admire those who are completely honest about the way they think. Angie Max is one such person. The link is to her blog, but in the short time I have ‘known’ her on Facebook, I have been privy to quite alarming arguments coming at her from people she presumably knows. And all the time she offers calm and reasonable, contrary views to what is being put to her. And she doesn’t back down. Makes for some bated breath reading down the comments.

I am wistful that I should be able to write like that. I am after all, not without opinion. But there are boundaries preventing me from complete honesty, I’m sure it’s the same for anyone with a double life day job.

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