‘War in Heaven’ by Kyle Griffiths

I’ve just read the most earthshattering book. It isn’t everyone’s cup of tea – experienced proponents of the book’s ideology might say that those people weren’t ready for it, but I couldn’t possibly judge. I know what the book says about it.

War in Heaven by Kyle Griffith is concerned with explaining the spiritual make up of the world, particularly with regards to the astral plane, the composition and functioning of the soul, and the use of psychic powers. It does so in a very rational voice, with a scientific lean (physics is used to describe the molecular construct of the soul – unverifiable physics for me) in the context of a limited amount of history and is partly autobiographical.

All this is only to ensure that the reader has enough information to be able to understand an even wider picture: an everlasting battle between good and evil, with the prize being our very own individual souls.

Its descriptions of an astral Illuminati-style conspiracy for eternal power and immortal ‘life’* make a deeper sense of many earthbound conspiracies, by turning everything on its head. The reader gets to see it through a different lens from the mainstream one. For some, it will make Earth seem like a bloodbath in waiting.

For me, the wider picture is very useful, filling in a lot of gaps or answering questions indirectly. I have often wondered why it is that conspiracies seem full of antagonists who want absolute power for power’s sake, when surely they know that everyone dies in the end (so what’s the point?). War in Heaven indirectly offers an answer to that question. In a sense it describes small-p politics where every player is out for himself on a very large, brutal scale.

Although it’s grim in places if you imagine the possibilities for too long – mind control, cannibalistic soul eating, and irreversible damage to the Earth’s environment just for starters – the book ends on a positive note.

‘Immortality’ can be achieved through reincarnation.

You can download Kyle Griffith’s book, War in Heaven from here for free.

*’life’ as a soul, not just life as a physical human being.