All Mouth and No Trousers; Spring is here.

Oh lordy, we have a goose sitting on her nest! Whoohoo! Spring must be here, though you wouldn’t know it.

Blueleg has parked herself on the most beautiful fortress nest; a perfect oval with high rounded straw walls, and 6 eggs rubbing shells inside.

No pictures; she is set to be in a very bad mood for the next 30 days, as Gander is finding out. He shrieked “One-two, one-two, one-two,” at her for most of the day, expecting her to fall in line with the other two, but she mainly ignored him, and occasionally screamed back, “Fuck off, can’t you see I’m hatching eggs?!”

He’s a humbug, Gander, all mouth and no trousers. He won’t be up to a protracted argument with her. He lost interest after we shut the compound to him, although he hung out with the other two for a couple of hours on the outside of the perimeter fence exactly opposite to Blueleg’s position. He even sat down in the sun but kept an eye on everything and didn’t fall asleep. He takes his job of protecting the ladies very seriously, even if he’s just a threatening noise machine.

I was worried the other geese might bully her (that happened a bit last year, so we shut Goosey in her trailer and housed the rest of the geese in a different one (they hated it), but Himself is using every other available housing for lambs and sheep, because the weather’s been despicable, so they’ll have to take their chances with each other.

Military Geese        See how proud Gander looks, marching around with his harem, his nose in the air.