Newcomers – Goslings are Imminent!

What a day it has been today. A terrific hangover, the food shopping trip that took me straight to Hell, Sainsbury’s style, some appalling news, a new copywriting opportunity with proper money attached, and a fabulous event to report:

Two goose eggs are peeping and tapping in the incubator!

I initially thought my nose was whistling as I was turning the eggs this evening! That’s the kind of thinking you do when you’ve had a lifetime of colds and allergies. I finally twigged on, switched off the lights and lit the torch on my phone, picked up each suspect egg, peered at its shadow and listened hard. The fourth egg produced a moving shadow through the shell. Every time it whistled, the shadow moved. The tapping was very clear.

It can take around 24 hours for goslings to hatch – sometimes longer I think – so I’m trying not to panic. Not succeeding too well there.

A second egg started up about half an hour later. The tapping on the shell hopefully denotes that they have internally ‘pipped’, meaning that the inner membrane has been broken by the gosling, and that there is now air throughout the egg.

I’ve sprayed all the suspect eggs (five) with room temp water, and I’m waiting to see what happens. The water should make the shells easier to break through (external pipping), though who knows. There is so much conflicting advice on the internet, you can only read so much without becoming confused, so I’ve looked at a few posts (confirming that mine are probably in the second stage of their four or five stage hatching) and abandoned the show.

Even though they sound healthy and gobby in a gooseish way, there are a million ways to kill baby goslings while trying to help them, and there’s always the chance they’ll screw it up themselves.

Lambing time should be called hold-your-breath-and-pray-for-life time. On every level.