I love these geeses to pieces! Eggstravaganza.

Oh man, let me tell you about these ridiculous geeses. They are honestly just taking the biscuit now.

I’ll give you a quick rundown: there are four geeses; three geese, one gander. I wrote a bit about them here. You’ll note that post was written on 5 April. It’s now 19 April. During the time lapse I saw the first goose, Blueleg, sitting on a nest, with eggs which increased from 6 to 10. Then I found one on the trailer door, assumed she’d put it out because it was ‘bad’ and put it back with the rest. Occasionally she left the nest to hang out with Gander, but I think it was because she was hungry.

Then one day I found a different goose sitting on the nest. There were now 12 eggs. She got off when I ushered Blueleg back to the trailer, but I wonder if they had made some sort of agreement, to give Blueleg a chance to get out.

Then I saw the same different goose – we will call her Goosey because phrases like ‘the same different’ are just not acceptable – rolling an egg around on the trailer door. She left it alone after a bit, but then both the other two geese picked it up and rolled it around with their feet. Goosey came back, and started picking up bits of straw and dumping them behind her. I realised she was making a nest, and as I got ready to go stop her (it takes forever to get on waterproof trousers, extra coat, agricultural boots – gives you a measure of how bad our weather has been lately) she pulled out clumps from the existing nest, which made one of its walls fall down. Blueleg (on the nest) didn’t care that a wall had collapsed. She was just furious I was in the vicinity. As I walked past her to put the egg at the back trailer corner, she grabbed my waterproof chaps. They’re actually armour, you know.

It happened again, with presumably a different egg, and I found it surrounded by a neat circle of hay and straw, cleverly spun together. Yet another nest started.

That egg went to the same back trailer corner.

Yesterday I noticed three eggs lined up in a row on the trailer door. (The trailer door is the big one which is lowered like a drawbridge). Picking them up, I got to see inside Blueleg’s nest as she fell on the grain I’d brought. There were only 5 eggs. I slipped the three inside and checked out the eggs she’d kept. A cracked dent marred one, which made me wonder why she’d put the others out when this one was clearly not viable.

As I talked to her and scolded her for not looking after them better, I realised there was a new, proper nest at the back trailer corner. And Goosey parked on top, proud and fierce.

I got some pictures on my phone while I was feeding them. Goodness knows what they’re doing with those eggs. At least Goosey won’t even budge off her nest for food, so perhaps the eggs under her will stand a better chance than Blueleg’s.

Blueleg's nest feeding is the core of geeses goose number two the maternity ward