A Little Greenery; or, How Bad Can It Be? The Green Skull

Let me be clear. A little rubbish is good for you, if only as a reminder that you like the real stuff better. Of course, I’m talking food (or am I?)

Take the Green Skull for example. Here we have a green, heart shaped lollipop. The sugar kind, not ice. As well as the expected sugar, corn syrup, and water, it contains the worrying green habernero sauce, and vodka.

Green Skull Lolly Green Skull (3)

Those ingredients are worrying because it’s a lolly and if something is going to claim to taste as outlandish as that, then you know it’s going to either taste foul or fantastic. No inbetween. But is it for real? Is that real habernero sauce? Is that why the green colour isn’t as true as, say, Stan Lee’s The Green Goblin?

If you look at the product properly, you can see it’s in a homemade-ish press seal baggie, with a printed but homemade-ish label. Its ingredients are straightforward; no E numbers, no random chemical names. No Sunset Yellow.

It’s nicely presented, and was received by my friend and fellow author, Tommy B. Smith at an Oklahoma writer’s convention. His cautiousness towards eating it should be commended. It’s probably best not knowing. But having assessed the product as a whole, I’m willing to bet that even if I don’t like it, it won’t just taste like chemicals.

The thing is, if I spoiled the product by eating it, then it wouldn’t exist any more, and it looks quite lovely.