Free Swag Bags Giveaway (if you don’t want them, I don’t mind …) Untold Press

Right, now I must do my duty, which I’ve been putting off since I’m rubbish at sending things through the Mail. Okay, it’s sheer laziness. But this is duty and must be followed.

I have two swag packs from Untold Press to give away free to the lucky winners. Back in February they were giving them to bloggers, presumably to promote books. I’ve no idea what’s in them beyond this photoUntold Press swag packs as the packs are beautifully sealed with a gold foil embossed sticker, and it feels like stealing because if I open it, the sticker will tear (I’ve tested it, I can tell) and everyone will know.

When it arrived, I realised it had come from Canada. Cool, huh. It cost $7.60 to send.

They would appear to be two packs of very nicely printed cards, with envelopes too! I love this stuff. The creepy images are from Untold Press‘ book covers and the whole little pack is quite special. Very nicely presented promotional pack.

Do people buy books because of promotional packs? Or is it more about getting the company’s products noticed for future use. Kinda like laying train track years before you need to ride on it?

So here you go, somebody better ask for a pack of these before I make them into Christmas presents.

Send requests with name and address to soulsubsistence*at* Obviously replace the *at* with @, otherwise I won’t get the request. Obviously I’m not going to use or publicise your details to anyone for any reason.


3 thoughts on “Free Swag Bags Giveaway (if you don’t want them, I don’t mind …) Untold Press

  1. Hmm… I only speak from personal experience, but I wouldn’t buy a book to get a pack of cards. I would, however, enter a competition for fun, something to make my day better. I can’t resist (if I have time) finishing a sentence, or writing a story in ten words – that sort of thing.

    What you have there seems more appropriate for an (FB?) event and could probably be used to ‘keep things going’. Then again, I tend to go to events, see what they’re about and switch off notifications from that point onwards, unless I really don’t have anything better to do than wait for the next wonderful thing happening in… wait for it… wait for it… only 59 minutes to go and you get a snippet form… You know the sort.

    Maybe I’m just hard to please, but I never see the point in offering something unless it has a real practical usefulness of some sort. Some chick lit lovers go for jewellery. I wouldn’t. Don’t wear any. Some dark fantasy lovers would perhaps go for dragons and skulls. Again, not me. What would I do with them? Put them on a shelf only to have to dust them later? (I hate dusting, btw)

    What I would like would be a book (lately, a mobi file would be ideal) or a pretty notebook (min A5 size, so it can be taken along for walks etc, because that is indeed when great ideas strike). But as I said, I wouldn’t BUY a book to get that. I’d rather I was ‘interested’ in that title by means of some soul-fodder type interaction.

    1. But this is the thing, Ella. I know that promotion can be seen as the same thing as publicity, but to me the two are different, though similar. Because books apparently sell best through word of mouth, I think publicity is best because the nature of it is to make the book public (never mind if no one likes it, if they are curious enough, they’ll buy it and THEN hate it – they can’t know they hate it unless they’ve bought it), whereas promotion seems to have an emphasis on ‘here, have this, now buy the book.’ I don’t get it. I don’t think I ever bought something because someone gave me a free sample of it, and it’s not as if these lovely cards are a free sample of the writing.

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