The Geeses Are T**ts

The geeses are twats. That is the only explanation. Not only did Goosey not love her gosling once it was hatched, she left it cold in the nest, while she sat on Blueleg’s nest … with Blueleg  … so the gosling died before it dried out – just a piece of scruffy yellow fluff in the bottom of the nest, and its mate got cold and died before even breaking out of its shell.

I chased the two geese off the remaining nest, stole their eggs and took them to be incubated. I believe they’re due to hatch now, but there’s no sound coming from them; Himself says he thinks they’re due this weekend or next week, so in the incubator they will stay for another 10 days.

I trusted Goosey to look after them, but she let everyone down; me, herself, and her goslings. It’s like they don’t know what to do with them, but other geeses manage it, so why can’t they? We must have just been lucky with the goose last year. It was sad that we lost her goslings to a predator within 4 days. She looked after them as best she could.

Blueleg was insistent that she didn’t want to leave the nest and kept coming back until I put her out the side trailer door, but I just don’t believe her now. All their protestations are worth nothing in the face of two dead goslings.

Lessons learned: when a goose starts sitting on a nest, pen her in so that she doesn’t get distracted; don’t let two geese sit with nests in the same pen.

They have a social nature, so when they’re presented with a problem, they solve it in social ways. For example, a goose is bored, sitting on her nest. So she gets someone else to sit for her for a while. After a few days that one decides she wants a nest of her own. But she’s not laying any more, so she finds some eggs and builds her own nest round them. Cutting off that opportunity to solve problems means that they are stuck where they are. It feels cruel in a sense, but its surely for the best.

The problem with social solutions is that they become complicated and confusing. I wonder if that can be applied to our societies and politics.

4 thoughts on “The Geeses Are T**ts

  1. I think the geese are just like people. There are many who have children (hatch eggs) and don’t know a thing about taking care of them. Some people never get the maternal instinct while others go too much in the other direction. Maybe in some situations its a blessing that the eggs don’t hatch so the babies don’t suffer a worse fate. You are ‘Mother Goose’ wanting them all to be spared and bless your heart for that. You can lead a horse to water…….

    1. Now then, Curly, I think you’ll find that sage stuffing works just as well. I’m so disappointed with them, they made me believe that they would be good mums, but they just weren’t. Never mind, the remaining eggs are nice and warm in the safe incubator in my mum and dad’s garage.

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