Vista Veg Bags – A reason to celebrate well organised locally grown veg.

Just take a long look at this stunning veg. Vista Veg Bag!The fabuloso colours, the whiffs of freshness with an edge of soil; it’s homegrown veg and it’s available to everyone who lives in a sensible radius of Vista Veg, Crosby Ravensworth, near Shap, Cumbria. See their map below: vistavegmap2it’s a pretty large radius when you think that Penrith – Brough (pron.’Bruff’) is 29 miles, Tebay – Penrith is 17 miles, and Tebay – Brough 16 miles.

Their website is

It’s probably the most  organised veg box scheme I’ve ever seen. You place your order for a regular delivery (fortnightly or weekly), tell them your email address, your real address and your phone number (and name). Then the boss emails you with the delivery day, what you’re going to get in your bag, and asks you to let them know if there’s anything you don’t like.

Just under a week later, the picture above is what I received. On the doorstep, like I asked for. I’ll show you it again. I just love it. In there, I got some super vine tomatoes, a handful of pristine, white mushrooms, several potatoes, about 5 onions, a proper bundle of asparagus, about 5 beetroots, 10 carrots still on their stalks, and a nice fresh spring green cabbage.  I made this to eat with it. Vista Veg Bag!

I guess what me and Vista Veg are trying to say, is eat sustainably, where you can.



4 thoughts on “Vista Veg Bags – A reason to celebrate well organised locally grown veg.

    1. sorry hun, it works at my end! It’s only the post about curried sweet apricot dip thing – you’ll have already received it if you’re following the blog xx

  1. Couldn’t agree more – I had forgotten how tasty a carrot could be! And as for the spinach… I never get round to cooking it, just devour it straight from the bag. Great system, great service and GREAT veg!

    1. All of it just too delicious. I forgot to put on this post that the asparagus never made it to the plate. Into the pan, melted butter to dip it in and straight down the hatch! Good stuff, eh?!

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