Mourning the Bees; or, Monsanto’s Evil Plan to Control the World’s Food Supply

See this article: Russia suggests that war may be necessary to stop Monsanto

Here’s the plan, from Monsanto’s point of view:

1. Develop GM feeds that don’t need pollinators.

Everyone was expected to buy these; marketed as plants that don’t attract insects. Who wants insects? Nasty creepy, crawly, flyie things. But everyone didn’t rush out to buy their limited range of crops.

First of all, there are more people growing things than just a few bushels of megafarmers. Secondly, they failed to take into account that a handful of varieties doesn’t cover the sheer breadth of the tastes and requirements of people passionate about food. Everyone has an opinion about food.

2. Kill pollinators
Develop pesticides which allow people to completely “protect” their crops from insects, by killing them. Ensure that this is an extremely effective product, and that it also kills pollinators. (Note: not just bees).

This was always going to be a more successful route. People (farmers) hate the pests that eat and damage crops. Roundup is a guaranteed sale every time. So now they’re killing off the pollinators cleverly, by getting the farmers to do it.

3. Sell $billions in GM seeds as plants are no longer able to pollinate naturally. (Only on the wind, perhaps, randomly).

Without pollinators, the only plants available to us will be those that have been created by Monsanto et al.

4. Take over the world. With a limited selection of seeds, Monsanto is preparing to take over the world’s food supply.

It’s a logical enough progression. What happens then? They will have the power to starve countries to death, literally. What else could they do? Change the properties of the food to elicit certain effects in the population?

The true reason for Monsanto’s desire to carry this out is unclear. Is it only about money? Money seems like such an old, worn out idea. It’s not about ‘rich’, it’s about ‘power’. Corporate Fascism to the core.

The U.K. Minister for the Environment recently voted against an EU ban on pesticides containing neonicotinoids. Fortunately enough countries with sense voted for the ban and it goes into place in December 2013. We can see whose side our government is on.

UPDATE: And see this recent article from Westword

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  1. Monsanto are one of the real evils on this planet. Sherlock’s Moriarty would have been proud of such a creation. They dwarf the tobacco industry as harmful to the planet and humankind.

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