Give the girl a break

Right, I’ve just about had it up to here *points to way way WAY above head* with all the Miley Cyrus bashing. I realise this is a little out of my way on here, but there’s no where else I can stick this post, and it’s going up in a direct response to such posts as this one by my good friend Monique Snyman (and bear in mind, I liked that post before I watched the video, it’s funny and cutting, and well worth a read), and all those folks on Facebook who were apparently never taken advantage of.

This video is shite. And I mean SHITE. I may not have been the world’s greatest film maker, but even I can see how terrible it is. It’s cringeworthy, for sure. Now think. Who’s responsible for the creative decisions on a film shoot? Well it isn’t the actress, that’s for sure.

Go ahead, check it out if you haven’t seen it already. It’s taken me a while to look because a) I’m not interested in ‘celebrities’ *cue silly voice* and b) I don’t have TV (by choice, I might add) so I haven’t seen it by accident either.

Watch it closely. Check out the half naked … and later, fully naked 20 year old child who is performing on there. Particularly notice the tasteful blow job simulation – sorry – pre-blow job simulation – with a sledge hammer. Nasty. Just nasty.

No woman came up with that little visual joy. Trust me on that. Now do a little google dig on the director of this lovely, tasteful music video. Terry Richardson. Well known amongst his models to be a lewd, toucher-upper of the highest degree. “Oh yeah, baby, just get used to me, baby, just strip to your underwear, honey, that’s fine. Hey, you’re used to me now, darling, why don’t you just take everything else off, babes, what’s the matter? You can’t be embarrassed now, can you?”

I can just hear the insidious intentions behind the vacuous imagery. It’s almost as if every woman – every 20 year old –  every beautiful 20 year old (and yes, we’re all beautiful when we’re 20, especially to yakky old men) is supposed to take responsibility for the fact that they got themselves into a situation they couldn’t handle, and went with it, instead of calling for the cops.

The fact is – and I hate to open a few people’s eyes (and Monique, I am not getting at you alone) – is that once you’re in that position, there’s no going back. There’s no putting your clothes on and making like you’re a prude, even if you only so far stripped down to your underwear. Because the way that man will make you feel is that you are boring, stupid, irresponsible … that you gave him a come on and then teased him instead of going all the way. No girl wants that hanging round her neck.

That girl is trying to laugh it off, and push everyone away that says she’s a wanker for making that video. At the end of the day, it wasn’t her that came up with the imagery and the ideas. It was him.

She’s a young, impressionable, foolish kid, who has been around far more unsuitable characters than him, and anyone who wants to slag her off and put her in a box and say she’s crap because of it, wants to look at their own life and think how lucky they are to have never found themselves in a similar position.

Maybe she is crap, but it’s not because she got naked and rode on a nasty, dirty wrecking ball.

2 thoughts on “Give the girl a break

  1. To be honest, she’s already told people in an interview that she’s a part of the decision-making in her new music videos… However, what 20 year old can make such decisions without influence? I don’t think Miley’s the only one to blame, her parents (Billy Ray’s too happy for his daughter these days… ewww) and her agents are also people who should be blamed. That being said, she could have just said no. Then again, she’s been working on her “fab body” for close to 2 years now, so maybe she had this planned all along? I don’t know, but she needs to grow up quickly…

    Good post!

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