An attempted explanation for magic, and orbs, for skeptics (to rip apart); or, at risk of sounding like a loony …

I believe strongly in ghosts and magic, and Other Things and if I allow myself to feel The Fear, even bumps in the night can shake me.

A good friend of mine used to ask me why it was that I wanted there to be more than this amazing world already has. Surely the magic of a flower opening or the planets spinning is amazing enough. I never had an answer for this but now I know.

Bees pollinate the world and fruit springs from flowers, this is magic. It is energy on the spiritual plane. The delicate thread of life, amazing as spider silk is strong and fragile at the same time, and this too is magic (hang with me here, I’ll explain). It’s because of all these incredible things, and because there is so much we didn’t know until recently, I see no reason not to believe in the paranormal and magical. I think I believe it even more.

Here’s the thing: as above, so below.

My interpretation of this may not be ‘correct’ in the view of some occultists or theosophists, but to me, the world exists on two different planes (actually more, but this is complicated enough). One ‘Astral’ and one ‘Mundane’.

With physical, solid objects, bodies, an emphasis on touch and feel, the mundane world (mundane means earthly, not boring here) makes sense to us. When you touch a washing machine it feels solid, always, and that never changes. You can switch it on, and open and close its porthole. There’s no weirdness, no chance that it might be something else tomorrow; it’s a washing machine.

On the astral plane we (and everything that lives) exist there too, whether we believe it or not. We’re manifested differently; maybe as light, or a different kind of energy, or who knows? (I don’t).

Events take place in a different format, so while you fall out with your sister and slap her face, your astral self sends some angry energy, or fires a thunderbolt at her. I suspect that on the astral plane, you may be limited only by your imagination.

Whatever happens on the astral plane has to make sense on the mundane plane. You can’t just make a wish for the house to be tidy, and lo! It is! There would be no rational, earthly explanation for broomsticks and dishcloths auto-cleaning the kitchen. There are more straightforward ways to achieve it.

The magic and science of orbs

What brought all this up in my mind today – and reaffirmed for me the above theory – was a scientific explanation for photographic orbs. These are spheres of light which are sometimes snapped by digital cameras in low light situations.  The trouble is, they’re usually seen as no significance by anyone not interested in the paranormal. Only the interested parade the phenomenon.

Because you can’t see with the naked eye what causes them, spiritualists and other New Age types put it down to proof of the existence of angels, spirits, ghosts, some kind of special energy … any or all of the above.

Wikipedia explains that because the flash on a compact digital camera is right at the front – a very short distance from the lens – it lights particles in the air (dust, rain) which reflect the light back almost directly to the lens. This causes the photograph to see an orb.

But as above, so below. Because of the nature of the relationship between the astral and mundane planes, both explanations can exist side by side. They are not mutually exclusive.

Weird, innit? (Or is it a get-out clause?)



8 thoughts on “An attempted explanation for magic, and orbs, for skeptics (to rip apart); or, at risk of sounding like a loony …

  1. I don’t know what the hell I believe, but my husband and I both witnessed orbs on my first child’s baby monitor when she would cry in her crib. Small light balls would fly around the room -not caused by lights from traffic passing the window, not caused by anything we could discover. I am a skeptic, but I still cannot explain the three time viewing of the orbs. Whatever the heck it means, I don’t know, but I do hope that it means that this world is not all there is.

  2. its a funny thing is an orb. indeed dust particles and rain can be easily picked up on a film and sadly (?) 90% are indeed dust. Energy concentrated in a small space by an entity is made, this is an orb. its a start of an appearance, much energy is needed to “appear” orbs are a much simpler form of energy to produce.and easy to show. Personally I wouldn’t encourage any entity to show itself, don’t mess with what you don’t know or understand. Even when a “professional” medium/ physic calls upon spirits, how do you know that they are good spirits, not just because they say they are ? for example… in layman’s terms…. hello would you mind if I sit here with my coffee ( in a nice coffee house all friendly and cosy ) No not at all, *strikes up conversation , Likes this guy* ” well thanks for the great conversation, sorry What’s your name ? Peter ?, same time next week Pete ? ” yeah great, see you then.”
    Met a great guy last night over coffee…. His name ? oh Peter….. Peter Sutcliffe…
    The greatest of care and respect should always be given when entering any of this ” other side” you’ll never know what you’ll get !

  3. It would be fairly easy to disprove the Wikipedia explanation – just take a picture of orbs without using a flash. Easy peasy.

      1. Bob takes photos of orbs all the time – the woods around his cabin are lousy with them. We should ask him to make an effort to take some photos without a flash.

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