Guest Post: Who is the Criminal Now? By Diane Lefer – Rainstorm Press

I respect this lady so much. She fights for the rights of people who have been unfairly treated, and she sees the person under the mask. She also lends her support, literally by being there, visiting, telling the world of their plight.

There are so many disadvantaged, unfortunate people in the world, it’s easy to pass off someone like Diane Lefer, and suggest that she doesn’t focus on the people who really need her support … children in certain countries in Africa; wartorn refugees … the list is far more endless than any of us know. But in this world filled with people who are unable to dig themselves out of the hole their lives have thrown them into, good and advantaged people have to pick the folks who are going to benefit from their attention. They have to focus in on one group, to have the most effect.

Diane’s focus at this present time are the people who have been wrongfully incarcerated in the US justice system, and who have struggled to survive on the outside afterwards. This isn’t the only work she does, but it’s the work I know her best by.

Guest Post: Who is the Criminal Now? By Diane Lefer – Rainstorm Press.