Introducing: Annalisa M Dahlen, Swedish Pancake Goddess

I admit, I’m genuinely excited! This post and hopefully lots more over the year will be mainly written by my mate, Annalisa, since she talks a lot about making wonderful food – with reports and updates of her success (or not). A bird after my own heart.Annalisa M Dahlen!

Annalisa hails from the Big Country, more or less 8 hours behind and 4,564 miles away from bonny Cumbria, and her ethnic roots are Swedish in origin. This isn’t a departure from the food-localism obsession of Soulsubsistence, not at all.  The food Annalisa talks about the most is filled with nostalgia and pride, and an evident love of her family, all important things to this blog.

Anyway, she’s one of those people who sees the world through comic-tinted glasses, and I thought her contributions would be fun!

Welcome to Annalisa!

Swedish Oven PancakeSwedish Oven Pancake

Hi.  My name is Annalisa.  I live in Washington state and am owned by a Norwegian Forest Cat.   With Sakina’s invitation, I’m going to guest blog in the food area this year.  I’m starting out with a dish that makes me quite nostalgic; the Agg Pankaka (Swedish Oven Pancake).  This is a meal that my dad used to make around Christmas when I was a kid.  This year I made it for him for New Year Day and had him over for brunch.  This was especially great because he has suffered five strokes since 2009 and it was great to see him navigate our front steps with strength and see him tuck into this treat.

Swedish Oven Pancake ORIGINAL Swedish RECIPE

This dish has a mere six ingredients.  It’s DELICIOUS.  I found this in an old recipe book that my grandparents brought back from Sweden in the 1980’s.  The book is called “Julia Peterson Tufford’s ORIGINAL Scandinavian RECIPES”.  It was published in 1976 by the woman herself.  Funny enough, it was published in Minneapolis, MN and was bought in Sweden by my grandpa.

Preheat the oven to 400* F. / 200* C.

Please gather the following;

4 eggs
1 tsp salt
¼  cup / 60g butter
1 quart / 500ml milk (any will do)
2 cup / 16oz  flour (sifted)
9”x13” baking dish (I used Pyrex, add butter into dish)  — place in heating oven while preparing everything.

**OPTIONAL**  Dice or Snip (I use kitchen scissors) 1 lb of bacon into pieces and fry until done, remove from grease and set aside while mixing all the other stuff.

Beat the eggs, add the salt, then milk.  Gradually add in the flour until it’s looking smooth, maybe a bit lumpy.  At this point you can add a couple tsp of sugar and beat in if you like things a little sweeter.

Remove the dish from the oven.

Place bacon pieces into bottom of dish as evenly as possible.

Pour egg mixture into dish.

Bake for about 30-35 minutes.

SERVE IMMEDIATELY – I mean, it has bacon so it will be good no matter what, but the magic is all of that hot bacony, eggy goodness going onto your plate.  The consistency will be one similar to bread pudding.  Soft, creamy, oh so good.  It will look like you worked so very hard in the kitchen, you’ll get praises and requests to make it again, and you can say “Oh, I don’t know……” and perhaps use it as leverage to get something you want.  Not that I’d ever suggest doing that.  Nope.

Traditionally it’s served with crushed fresh fruit, jam, syrup, or lingonberries.  I also fry up some small link sausages and serve with orange juice.   I may have an obsession with pork products.  We’ll explore that later.


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