Tiramisu and you

Tiramisu. The pudding of all Italian meals out (oh, if I must …) Who knew it was so easy to make? It’s like making a trifle but with none of the skill (the custard) and no fruit. So not a trifle. Tiramisu.

Go on, find a reason (dinner time will do) to make one and get it eaten!

There's only ever a bite left by the time I remember to photo the food

Tiramisu:  not an oven in sight!

Remember: the stick blender is our friend.

Take 250g cream cheese (mascarpone is the greatest, but Philly will do), and blend with a whopping 125g caster (fine) sugar. It gets a kind of transluscent look, without actually being see-through.

Set aside.

Take 200ml double (heavy) cream, and blend with another terrifying 125g caster sugar.

Fold the cream and cream cheese together. Set aside.

Get a glass baking dish, like 10″ x 7″ or something more standard than that (unless you haven’t got one, in which case it doesn’t really matter, it won’t change the flavour).

Get a box of sponge fingers, squares, whatever. It’s a great way to use up stale sponge cake – or a fatless sponge like the kind you make for a swiss roll. You need enough for two layers.

Make 400ml super-strong coffee, and pour in some super-strong alcohol that goes with coffee (obviously this is supposed to be Tia Maria or Kahlua, but I used rum because when you live in the sticks all you have is rum. Rum is also our friend. Hic). Don’t skimp on the quantity of coffee or you’ll regret it. I do these things so you don’t have to.

Dip the sponge into the coffee … well, if you have the dry ladyfingers-style sponge, this is possible. If you use Lyons-type sponge square things, you need a spoon underneath it or the whole thing will drop into the coffee. I splashed on the coffee and used too much of it. Not recommended.

Lay each coffeefied piece of sponge in the bottom until it covers it. Liberally dust the layer with cocoa powder, and spread half the cream and cheese mixture all over it.

Repeat the process with the sponge, the coffee-licqueur solution, the cocoa and the cream cheese mix. Once again, liberally dust (I used a very fine coffee strainer for the job) sieved cocoa over the top.

You’re supposed to grate chocolate over the top, but it honestly wasn’t necessary.

Heaven is a Tiramisu that has been chilled for at least 6 hours after making. However, I can report that it tastes great even after just three hours.