Soy Sauce so sweet. And salty.

OMG. Check out the advice on the front of this bottle of Soy Sauce by a well-known brand. Soy Sauce stupidity At which point were they going to mention the massive sodium content? This kind of thing makes me worry. People who don’t cook much do a lot of potentially meal-ruining things, and this is the kind of half-advice that doesn’t help that propensity.

My antidote to the potential disaster (and sure, soy does add a certain sweet umami to the overall dish) is to use soy (and other flavour-enhancing products) in the following way: a few drips, simmer meal for a minute or so, taste. Repeat as necessary.

I use it primarily in place of salt in Far Eastern cookery (or what passes for it in this house, anyway). You’re warned.

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